August 14, 2021

The planet is overrun with carnivorous technocrat monkeys.

Savage, fear-stricken bone-gnawers.

The basic flaw with humanity is our overwhelming carnivorous diet.

All other issues, war, inequality, stem from this selfish and rotten, fear driven core.

The eye of the carnivore is that of a monster, and the eye is the window to the soul.

What is within manifests externally. To carry negativity is to breed it around one’s self.

We carry death, decay, fear, and exploitation.

We admire the tiger’s stripes and rationalize the parasitic behavior so abundant on our planet as natural, wholesome.

Nature is murder compounded.

It is time we elevated ourselves from the savage tide.

We cannot judge the natural order but we must judge ourselves.

We must hold ourselves to the human ideal and not simply reflect the barbarous survival state which wrought us and cut our teeth, sharpened our axes.

We must let go of the residual vengeful angst and wrath of our evolutionary upbringing.

We must no longer allow inconsideration and exploitation to define us.

We are rapists and murderers.

But we don’t have to be.

August 8, 2021

Doctors try to tell you that the car and the houses are entirely incidental.  Are you working hard or hardly working?  Our planet is overrun with carnivorous technocrat monkeys.  Obliterate ocean wildlife while transfixed by the ease of it.  Here, child, take this tablet.

August 7, 2021

Little ball of mist surrounded by terrifying impenetrable void.  You’re being watched.  What is the truth?  Geological and cosmic time-frames pale in scope to the instantaneous, any measured time-distance a rendering of the simultaneous.  We know this.  Cringing minds lash out at peers in destitute and depraved self protection.  It is better not to think and be told.

The phenomenon of bureaucratic rank is respected, is inevitable.  The sum of a sequence of cells is all knowledge.  We are corrupted.  Our development serves the sovereign quest of an invader.  It is us.  We cannot rise from the savage tide.

The Techno-Slime of Mr. McGoshe

It was when this is the nineties became that was the nineties, that the decline of the world began in earnest.  Personal computers already had begun to propagate in the pockets of the masses.  Internet profiling services were soon beguiling the world with casino tricks, offering a semblance of artistic self-expression to the peasant hordes hitherto unimagined.  Programs became apps, apps started listening and recording.  But it was that most sinister and unexpected invention of Mr. McGoshe that was to unravel millennia of evolution, sending our planet into frantic instability and entropic acceleration.

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